Semester Two

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Paradiso Coffee Design Project

Project Doc.: Client Notes

Project Folder: Put pictures here, please.
Creative Brief
Power Point from Mr. Colangeli

Assignment: Album Cover & Merch Design

DUE: Thurs., Feb. 27th @ end of class (All design work ready for printing and assembling)
Showboard DUE: TBD @ end of class
Presentations: Begin Mon., March 9th

Sketchbook Prompt: 'Shhh...Did You Hear That?'

Reading: Annik Troxler’s Jazz Posters are as Wild as a Charlie Parker Solo
THEN…Complete this writing response exercise.

Assignment: Logo & Logo Parody Design

Foundations Lab: Copyright Law, Fair Use, & the Public Domain

Assignment: Text As Illustration

Tools & Resources

  1. Brush Pen Worksheet

Illustration Lab: Exquisite Cadaver

Sketchbook Prompt: 'Bizarre & Unlikely'

Middlebury Festival on-the-Green

Design Competition!

GAERF link to competition
Custom Cornhole LLC - Look here for examples!

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