Semester One

Assignment: Name Tag & Illustrating Text

DUE: Friday, Sept. 9th: Name Tag (laminated & adhered to computer)
DUE: Tues., Sept. 12th: Two final text illustrations

Sketchbook Prompt: 'Create Your Own Font'
Sketchbook Prompt: 'Sketching Type'

Assignment: Investigating Drawing & Mark Making

Foundations Lab: Composition
Sketchbook Prompt: 'Chamois'
Sketchbook Prompt: 'DIY Mark-Making Tool'

Assignment: TypeFace

DUE: Tues., Sept. 20th @ end of class
Sketchbook Prompt: 'Photo-Realist Meets Linear' DUE: Mon., Sept. 19th @ start of class

Resources: Type Specimens binder, Men of Letters & People of Substance book

Assignment: Book Cover Design

Sketchbook Prompt: 'Make it Bleed' Due: Wed., 10/12

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