Semester One

Assignment: 'Not Just a Nametag!'

DUE: TBA: Name Tag (laminated & adhered to computer)

Sketchbook Prompt: 'Create Your Own Font'

Assignment: Illustration Lab

DUE: Friday, Sept. 15th by the end of class. Pin to gallery crit wall.

Tools & Resources
Video Tutorial: Basic Image Adjustment in Ps
Video Tutorial: Using Filters in Ps

Assignment: Book Cover Design

Sketchbook Prompt: 'Bizarre and Unlikely' Due: Th., Sept. 28th

Assignment: Investigating Drawing & Mark Making

Foundations Lab: Composition
Sketchbook Prompt: 'Negative Shapes'

CD Cover & Merch Design Assignment

DUE: Th., Nov. 2nd @ end of class (printed and in jewel case)
Showboard DUE: Mon., Nov. 1st @ end of class
Presentations: Tues., Nov.2nd

Sketchbook Prompt: 'Shhh...Did You Hear That?'

Reading: Annik Troxler’s Jazz Posters are as Wild as a Charlie Parker Solo

Writing: CD Dissection Instructions

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