Semester One

Assignment: 'Not Just a Nametag!'

DUE: TBA: Name Tag (laminated & adhered to computer)

Sketchbook Prompt: Channeling the Subconscious: Doodling

Assignment: Illustration Lab: Alternative Methods in Drawing

Sketchbook Prompt: DIY Drawing Tool

Intro. to Photoshop CC

DUE: Friday, Sept. 15th by the end of class. Pin to gallery crit wall.

Tools & Resources
Video Tutorial: Basic Image Adjustment in Ps
Video Tutorial: Using Filters in Ps

Assignment: Book Cover Design

We've all heard 'Don't judge a book by its cover.'

Complete the Following:

  1. Sketchbook Prompt: 'Bizarre and Unlikely' Due: Th., Sept. 28th
  2. Read the New York Times article, ‘The Creative Art of Selling a Book by Its Cover’ by Alexandra Alter (handout) Lost it? Lost the reading questions? Link here.
  3. At the conclusion of the project, complete 'Review and Reflect' worksheet.

Assignment: Investigating Drawing & Mark Making

Foundations Lab: Composition
Sketchbook Prompt: 'Negative Shapes'

Assignment: Foundations Lab: Color

Prezi: Color & Theory

You will receive a process grade for each of the following activities:

A) Color Mixing Lab: Understand how to mix colors, what color value is, and how to control paint (watercolor, gouache, or acrylic)

  • Using only the primary colors and black and white, mix 50 different swatches of color
  • Complete a color wheel — your way
  • Complete a color worksheet

B) Color Theory 

  1. Color Wheel: Complete using acrylic paint
  2. Color Worksheet: Complete using Adobe InDesign
  3. Color Meaning, Symbolism and Associations: Complete using Adobe Illustrator

Check out some professional color psychology infographics!

C) Color Schemes in Mass Media

  • Identification of schemes in mass media activity (groups of 3)
  • Color analysis of color in mass media (Ai, individual result)

D) Color for the Digital & Print Worlds

  • RGB or CMYK?: Watch Tutorial
  • Creating digital/mixed media art with a focus on COLOR


HOMEWORK: 'True Blue Stands out in an Earthy Crowd', NY Times article: Read, highlight and write notes in the margins/back of paper]

CD Cover & Merch Design Assignment

DUE: Th., Nov. 2nd @ end of class (printed and in jewel case)
Showboard DUE: Mon., Nov. 1st @ end of class
Presentations: Tues., Nov.2nd

Sketchbook Prompt: 'Shhh...Did You Hear That?'

Reading: Annik Troxler’s Jazz Posters are as Wild as a Charlie Parker Solo

Writing: CD Dissection Instructions

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