Semester One

Assignment:'Not Just a Nametag!'

DUE: TBA: Name Tag (laminated & adhered to computer)

Tools & Resources
Ai: How To
Name Tag Template
'Dissection' Example with call-outs

Sketchbook Prompt: Channeling the Subconscious: Doodling

Assignment: Investigating Drawing & Mark Making

READ: Assessment

Sketchbook Prompt: 'Negative Shapes'
Sketchbook Prompt: 'Work from Life'

Assignment: Desktop Wallpaper Saver: Intro. to Photoshop and Merging Media

Assignment: Book Cover Design

We've all heard 'Don't judge a book by its cover.'

Complete the Following:

  1. Sketchbook Prompt: 'Bizarre and Unlikely' Due: TBA
  2. Read the New York Times article, ‘The Creative Art of Selling a Book by Its Cover’ by Alexandra Alter (handout) Lost it? Lost the reading questions? Link here.
  3. At the conclusion of the project, complete 'Review and Reflect' worksheet.

Photoshop of Horrors' or 'Gore, Ghouls & Green Screen'

  1. Watch 'Making Monsters'
  2. Body Art
  3. Adobe Fotoshop Video Inspiration
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