There are 4 main sections to your portfolio:

  1. Gallery (where you have properly labeled examples of your work)
  2. Technical Writing (where you have writing about your work, etc.)
  3. Accolades (if you have any)
  4. Career Resource Documents (in a folder in the back pocket of your binder)
Place in the following order:

Your cover should be eye-catching without being busy.

There should be a hierarchy in the text (your name being the largest, most prominent).

Use a font that can easily be read.

It should be printed on high-quality paper.

Avoid putting the year/date to keep it more timely

This year's National Portfolio Day is Saturday, October 20th at Hartford University in Hartford, Connecticut.

National Portfolio Day FAQs

Participating Schools

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See a video of a young woman talking about her portfolio (accepted to RISD, OTIS, Parsons)

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