Earn 3 college credits through Community College of Vermont while you complete your D & I coursework!

The coursework at the Career Center emphasizes creativity, innovation and communication in the analysis and visualization of ideas and information through print, screen and interactive multi-media technologies. [bibcite www.dab.uts.edu.au/viscom/welcome.html]

The year focuses around the following art disciplines: drawing, printmaking/color, typography/text as art, and portfolio. Throughout the year, students apply what they have learned to graphic design problems. Each student gets his/her own computer and user account.

Prerequisites: 10 credits on transcript. One semester of either Visual Communications or Basic Art/Art I.

Recommended Preparation: Capable of using computers and digital technology. Desirable Qualifications: Creative, enjoys using traditional art materials in addition to computers, curious.

Related careers: graphic designer, commercial artist, illustrator, studio artist, fashion designer, desktop publisher, advertising/marketing specialist, photographer.

The Design & Illustration classroom is located on the first floor of the Hannaford Career Center main campus building in room A117.

Studio Climate Check in

What do artists need to thrive in a studio environment?

This year's Studio Environment Guidelines:

Space…to spread out….to myself when I need it…keep it tidy!

Music…variety…don't dis other peoples' music…at a volume good for working and hearing eachother.

Food & Drinks…but not around the computer

TIME…to get work done.

Feedback…collaborative and constructive.

Materials…easy access to…demonstrations of…experimentation with.

Love…by being supportive…by being encouraging.

Exit Survey

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